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Happy birthday to me ^-^

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Well...first I'mma say that I've always been on this site c:, just never put an about me..I mean seriously..who ever does? WAYAL. So. I've been making Kandi for almost 3 years. I am Wiccan c: and I love it <3 please don't hate me ;~; \.x.x./. Well I pretty much like any-type of music EXCEPT Rap, Hip-hop or Reggae, but I am more of a rock type. My friends are my life <3 favorite animals are; Lions, Unicorns, Pandas, and Narwhals...well I like alot of things, ok now I'm just rambling. But whatever..who ever reads to this point anyway? so......Hi der beautiful c: <3 Okay bye now. ALSO KNOWN AS: GhostyxChoco

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