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Looking for a Homestuck panel. One side- all 12 symbols. Other side- Gamzee interlocked with Tavros ((OTP))

Sunday May 19, 2013, 9:49 AM





Last online: 7-10-2013 1:45pm

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I love music like,A LOT. Hehe I do have a facebook and tumblr and a family youtube.I lovee things that glow in the dark and being random. I don't think you have to be a raver to wear kandi, you just can't call yourself a raver.I looove botdf,bvb,mcr,bmth,miw,and fir.Don't worry I like more that that lol. I also like swpb.BACON YUM YUM OM NOM NOM!!I love the color black, neon pink,neon green yeah.I have not been making kandi that long, like 2 months mabey a little longer.I really love everyone the same unless you do something horrible (steal,hurt someone, the other bad things). I support gay pride.I really don't care what religion you are, Me myself am more of an Atheist than anything but that dosen't mean that I don't beleve in nothing.I gladly accept friend requests and i love you all. PLUR

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