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To whoever sent me friend request could you please send them again, I accidently denied them instead of accepting them! >~<

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Hey there!;3 I've been making kandi for over a year now but I haven't been to a rave yet. (Sob ;3;) My loves: I'm kind of a really big nerd. I love: - Pokémon -Kingdom Hearts -Adventure Time -World of Warcraft -Anime Anime that I love include: - Chobits - Shugo Chara - Full Moon - Naruto -Angel Beats -Inuyasha ... to name a few c; I love anything cute and I also collect Pokémon toys. For my future trades, my bead count is 28-30 around ;3 Feel free to message me <3 However, I'm currently not taking any trades right now. I'm sorry. D:

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