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came back on kandi patterns and literally face palmed and what i had written for my about me so i had to re write everything. -_- smh

Sunday Jul 28, 2013, 9:25 PM





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hiii i'm alissa but my nickname is foytoy. i'm hopelessly in love with dj s3rl, sleeping with sirens, never shout never, all time low, 3oh!3, and soooo many more. i was self taught at making kandi. my friend taught me how to make little pacman ghosts and from there i learned how to make flats. to be honest i've been doing it that way since. first starting out with making a flat then tying it together to make a cuff. i still haven't learned how to make an 'actual' cuff i guess, or at least the normal way to make one but to me it really doesn't matter. it's just as if i made an actual cuff. i'm not too sure if this made sense at all but hopefully it does? :3 Follow my tumblr!

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rainbow fish
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