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why isn't there a JJ Demon pattern? D:

Friday Oct 12, 2012, 2:59 PM





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ohai i'm Kellsy and i have many nicknames :3 feel free to give me a new one :D.I like a wide variety of things like everything to do with alice in wonderland,pirates,ninjas,and a bunch of other things.I like a wide variety of music. Probably shouldn't name all of them but heres a few :3.Ptv,Bvb,AA,Fir,SWPB,Bfmv,Bmth,Skrillex, rock and roll|m|,Screamo,Dubstep and anything with a good guitar solo :D.Honestly every genre of music needs a good beat to dance to :3. Add me if you want to :3 i accept all of them. I don't like starting conversations but i love talking. I enjoy revenge,don't get on my bad side and I'll talk to you when every you wanna talk :3. I started kandi in the spring of 2011.I was sick at the time and out of school for weeks. Kandi was pretty much the only thing i did while i was sick. I have not been to a rave but I really want to go. :3. I live with my grandma and my great aunt who both can't go out alot so I can't go to stores alot or for a long time.I am a teenwolf.

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