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Making a kandi Gameboy necklace :3

Tuesday Apr 17, 2012, 5:58 PM





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My kandi kid name is TechnoKrush. I love kandi, LaffyTaffy, Skittles, dubstep & techno, Spencer's, Hot Topic, music, Pokemon, Twitter and social websites, make-up, gum, Starbucks, video games (WoW, Pacman, Cinnimaroll, Gameboy, etc,) Apple Jacks, hanging out with my friends, M&M's, glitter, rainbow and neon colors, BVB, BOTDF, BMTH, BFMV, AA, Skrillex, Deadma5, piercings/tattoos, the mall, pandas, dinosaurs, the Cookie Monster, Pikachu, Elmo, Gir, Hello Kitty, Jack Skellington, Gloomy Bear, Halloween, Domo-kun, cupcakes, fluffies (leg warmers,) arm warmers, other rave stuff, TokiDoki, Monster Energy Drinks, Rockstar Energy Drinks, Adventure Time, and LOTS of other things! =^w^=

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Finn And Jake Kandi Cuff
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Watermelon Cuff
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My Mario Mushroom Kandi Cuff
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Some Of My Kandi
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