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kandi kandi kandi kandi kandi :D <3

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Oh hi! c: They call me "the beccamonsterr"- but sometimes it's too long to put on kandi so they call me Becca for short :p I've been making kandi since summer of '10! (That's almost 3 years of kandi making! :D) I make alot of BRIGHT and color pieces ranging from epic 3D's to little singles and more. There's pretty much nothing I can't make or won't try! Hello Kitty, cute erasers, Lisa Frank, dinosaurs, and My Little Pony are my favorite things to add onto kandi :3 Eventually I'll upload my entire kandi collection on here but it's going to take awhile >.> I'm currently in the process of experimenting with perler beads and learning how to melt them properly ._. Also working on getting my own Youtube channel set up with kandi videos and such ^__^ I LOVE trading so feel free to send me a message asking to trade- I SHIP WORDWIDE! :D ***FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER FOR TONS OF KANDI PICTURES, TIPS, AND UPDATES! @0ct0pu55y*** If you're cool enough I might just follow you back ;)

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Epic Rainbow 3D!
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