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Fuck Bitches Get Money.

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Names Lisa I go by Risa, Isa, SunniBunnii and Weed. Born on Christmas Eve, currently 16. Forever Alone. I Don't Believe In God Nor Do I Give A Fuck About Religion Or Politics. Awkward. Shy Beyond Anything. I'm A Sweetheart, I Try My Best To Never Be Mean To Anyone. I Love Animals And Nature Oh Soo Much *-* I Collect Video Game Consoles And Play Video Games All Day Errday c: Spyro Is My Shit<3 I Dye My Hair Alot And Have Been Every Color You Could Imagine. I Read Manga's and Watch Anime c: Collect Yu-Gi-oh, Pokemon And Magic The Gathering Cards c: Lets Duel Sometime~ I Have a Huge Thing For Photography And Modeling, My Goal Is To Get A Modeling Path Started c: And To Become A Cosmetologist I Listen To Music Every Second Of M Day Practically Either Headphones In Or Stereo On. Music Has Kept Me Going This Far<3 Kandi Kid<3 Welp There's Some Stuff About Me c: Feel Free To Shoot Me A Message~ I Don't Bite Too Hard

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New Kandi
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Kandi C:
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My Keyblade
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Ufo Cuff
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My First Kandi 3Ds X3
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Kandi Goggles<3
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