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One year on testosterone!

Tuesday Jan 9, 2024, 12:01 PM




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  • Gender: Non-binary (Any pronouns)
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Call me Cat or Peanut

I am an autistic adult and overall pretty friendly and supportive.

My special interest are Kandi, cryptids, horror, args (lore) and other things probably

I am a Kandi Parent now I started making Kandi at 16 back in 2010. And had been making stuff with beads since I was a small child.

I'm currently 29 and I have three kids

An 8 year old girl, a7 year old girl, and 2 year old boy.

I am open to dm if you have Kandi questions or just need a ear to listen. I'm not going to ground you lol

But please be safe on the internet. Creeps do exist

I still like to teach how to do specialty Kandi and patterns. Just message me if you need me.


1. You don't have to do 3d cuffs and wild crazy things to be valid. I'm proud of you for all you do and I hope it all makes you happy!!

2. School isn't forever and once you graduate literally none of it mattered. Do your best and make it through.

3. Parents can be dense and not understand you. My family doesn't entirely understand what it means to be non-binary but my partner and children do. It'll get better. Just keep being yourself

4. Again. I am so very proud of you! I'm glad you logged on today and are in the same world as me!


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