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havent been on in awhile~ but im back now. :3

Thursday Dec 20, 2012, 1:35 PM





Last online: 4-02-2013 11:51pm

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Can we live without death, Can we love without hate, Can we want without need, I’ve fallen once again. Do we really ever live our lives enough to appreciate that we can never truly grasp one without the other. That a concept has no meaning without an opposing force. If hate is what’s inside us, hate is what defines us. And we will use our hate to drive us. And let death not deprive us. Do we want this or do we need this. We can always rinse the surface, but the stain will still remain. -Chris 'Motionless' Cerulli of Motionless in White Intro: -i have an attitude. Deal with it. -im an artist -i plan on getting my cosemotology liscence. - i <3guys with tattoos&piercings.c; -Motionless in White, A7X, Deftones, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Falling in Reverse, From first to last and Korn are on my most played playlist. ^~^<3 -im single -im african american, irish, scottish but mostly Cherokee indian Wanna know more then message me. C:

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