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Havent been making much Kandi lately :/ But I did finish my domo backpace :D On to my Finn backpack :)

Monday Aug 13, 2012, 9:18 AM





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Oh Hai There ^w^ My names Autumn, my rave names Ember, Ember Eats Rainbows ;D Music is my life, i listen to all kinds :) I'm easy to talk to, so just message me :) I love making Kandi <3 My best friend is gay, so NO H8 here :) i love gay people, they are amazing and i think it is very stupid the way people treat them! they're just like everyone else, but they like the same sex! If you wanna get to know me more, just message me!! I love making new friends :) I'm also in a band called Remembering Ember, my friend TiniTimi made a bracelet and a poster pattern, so if you're wondering what it means, its my band <3 Oh and Like my Page on Facebook www.facebook.com/RainbowKandiJewelry Follow me on Instagram embereatsrainbows

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