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I would so rape Matty Mullins, Kellin Quinn, and Austin Carlile.

Wednesday Jun 13, 2012, 12:58 PM



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I'm Gabriela! I love painting my nails, sewing, applying makeup to my face, cooking, baking, discovering new music, spending money, my iphone4s, Instagram, Matty Mullins, Kellin Quinn, Dahvie Vanity, One Direction, flat ironing my hair, and of course making kandi. On August 27th, I will be a sophomore in high school. I'm a total sweetheart, but when annoyed, I'm a total cunt. I prefer cupcakes over cookies. I don't like animal prints. Except tiger prints, on nails. I have one sister, a stepsister, and three cousins I consider to be my brother and sisters. I was a cheerleader for five years. I can be a bit socially awkward, but when I finally get comfortable I'm extremely loud. I take classes that most seniors should be taking. I don't like animals. Except fish. Just so ya'll know, "ya'll" is my word.

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Mushroom Perler Necklace
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Hello Kitty Purse
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Baby Octopus Perler Necklace (:
  • 1372
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Top View Of 3D
  • 1745
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Saturn Kandi :D
  • 3176
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Domo Necklace! :D
  • 1568
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3d Cuff
  • 937
  • 2


Huge Cuff (:
  • 1103
  • 7

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