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hai hai!

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♡About me:

┇Sexuality: Sapphic!

┇Nationality: American / german

┇gender: Demi- girl


♡ My Favorite...

┇Song: Appetite of a People-Pleaser

┇Game: Project sekai or Pokémon swsh

┇Color: Pink


♡ Interests & More!

┇Likes: bungo stray dogs, project sekai, Pokémon, furries, neon genesis evangelion, avatar, my hero academia, the owl house, and sanrio :>

┇Dislikes: SA jokes, SH jokes, Proshipers, Pedophiles, zoophiles, basically just be a decent human and you will be fine!

┇Kins: Rui kamishiro, Atsushi nakajima, Denki kaminari, and Amity blight!

┇Diagnosis: Adhd, Autism, and Ptsd (please use tone tags!)


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