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Lonely :(

Sunday Nov 26, 2023, 12:34 AM




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~Intro~~About me~Name: FelixNickname: I don't have one but feel free to call me anythingSexuality: ....uhhhh

USAgender: y-yes..?Pronouns: He/they/she

~My Favorites~Favorite colors: Black, pastel pink, and blueGame: Minecraft, COD (ikik), Coral Island!Favorite Food: Anything my dad cooks ig?

~Interests~Likes: Makeup, making any sort of crafts, paint by diamonds, plushies!!! and random musicDislikes: Annoying people, people who fake disorders, and homophobia

Dms always open!

Available TimesUhhh... idrk mostly during the weekdays and every other weekend

More about me

Hey! My names Felix

Age: 16

I'm here for pretty patterns and fun friends <3


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