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Thursday Jun 6, 2024, 2:17 PM




Last online: 6-24-2024 7:09pm
  • Gender: cis female (?) (she/they)
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hi i’m minti!


~furry and fursuit maker


~animalrobist (african wild dog, black cat, bengal calico cat mix, burmese mountain dog, red panda, arctic wolf, iberian lynx, cinnamon raccoon, tiger)


~otherhearted (silver norwegian forest cat, canadian marble fox, kinda just cats in general)

~fan of toh, bluey, tadc, spop, dead end, mlp

~bisexual, she/they/kit pronouns pls don’t refer to me with it/it’s pronouns

~DNI- z00/p3do, proshipper, homophobic/transphobic, over 18, etc

~tone indicators pretty please

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