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im now axie's dog..... yes i bite- i am the chuuya to axies dazai and the fyodor to estelles nikolai and im estelles ranpo♡-me and estelle has a demonic child named Benjamin he lives in my closet- im a russian rat i live in axies and estelles walls i love cheez- matching contacts w/ my love♡︎ ♡︎- I want a 1 hour hug pls preferably one from my wife

Sunday Oct 1, 2023, 7:42 PM




Last online: 10-01-2023 7:56pm
  • Gender: Demi-girl (They/she)
  • Non, Ya, Business
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~✩kai’s bio✩~

My name is kai

Im 16

matching w/ @d0umas_anDmiTsurIs_bUtt3rfly_<333 and ch1nEsE_LaDY<3/p

im emo/goth/alt hehehehehe

♡︎im happily taken by my love estelle<333 2 months i love them sm more then words can say♡︎

they/them/she/her/xe/xem/it/its voi/void

Lesbian, demiromantic, demigirl, quoiromantic

Im ok with gf or wife or anything female term like that the only person who can call me gf or wife is estelle ask if you can call me pookie pls

fav artiest-Banshee, Melanie Martinez, jazmin bean, Scene Queen, Zheani, poppy,lana del rey, mitski,grimes, ashnikko,billie eilish mcr, ptv, paramore,panic at the disco, taylor swift, avril lavigne,baby bugs,mother mother, lady gaga, ava max, tessa violet, olivia rodrigo, conan gray,bebe rexh

fav animes- bsd, aot, demon slayer, Tokyo ghoul, hxh, case study of vanitas, jjk, chainsaw man, death note, soul eater

fav youtubers- jake webber, johnnie gulbert, Daz games, jessii vee, boze vs the world, swoop, laurenZside, imbrandonfarris, kallmekris, celinaSpookyboo, ranboo, funkyfrogbait, rotten mango, masked luchador,malachichi, naomi jon, jennamarbels, arrow, drumsy, emiok, sam and colby,

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