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Uploading some of my newest Kandi pattern's!

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Name: Dollie Faith. Nickname: Revenge. Age: 16. Birth-date: 07/08/95. Worship: DUBSTEP!! Orientation: Bisexual. Status: ♥ Taken ♥ City: Las Vegas NV. "A king with no crown is not a king, he's a scum." '"Its ironic when she screams my name and begs for more It's really sick, I'll hand it to you shes a CRAZY BITCH I like the way she rides this dick I didn't think I'd have to warn you You let it go too far again I thought you knew that I was crazy! I let my actions speak loud Tie her to the bed and let a minute get ahead So I can get a better look and let her settle in the thought of it- And of course she really wants it I can see her dripping wet and Salivating at the though of it." -ATTILA♥


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