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rfhnjnhfbfnhgiufvrnhb :3

Saturday Sep 16, 2023, 4:25 AM




Last online: 7-10-2024 12:56pm
  • Gender: Male (They/them/he/him/cat/flower/it/Rui/Miku/moth/fanny/cakey/tsukasa)
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Future ztar!!! :D I make thingz zometimes lol

Fandomz: Hfjone, Tally hall, BanG dream, Project Sekai, Vocaloid, Villian, Bfdi (kind of), Inanimate Insanity, DDLC, FNaF, omori and ghost and pals :Di might quit zoon zo if im not online for a really really really long time i probably quit

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