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"Every story has a happy ending. If it isn't happy, then it isn't the end."

Friday Mar 24, 2023, 11:20 AM




Last online: 5-09-2023 10:12am
  • Gender: Male (He/Him, Disc/Discs, Blaze/Blitz (used like it/its), Whisp/Whisps)
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Hi! My name is Atlas or Silver, either name is fine :)

I'm 17, but turn 18 in August!

I am neuro-divergent, and diagnosed with social anxiety! If I respond in weird ways, I'm sorry!

Possibly Fictionhearted / Synpath

Posting on here whenever I can ☆▪︎°`

My Fandoms + Interests include:

  • Sonic Fandom
  • Minecraft Fandom
  • Youtubers + Streamers
  • Generally just video games if we're being honest
  • Art
  • Kandi and Pearler beads ;D

I want to get to a point where I post a bunch of designs for you all to use, but I gotta get good at pixel art first :")

If you're reading this, have a wonderful day <3

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