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Sunday Jun 4, 2023, 12:44 PM




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  • Gender: Enby ((They/she))
  • My Closet (not A Gay Joke I Literally Make My Kandi In My Closet), Louisiana, USA
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Hello hello Im sprout I’ve been making kandi for 3 years and I have ADHD and I like puffins, Miko Kubota from Glitch Techs, and peridot from steven universe

Currenf hyperfixation: Puffins, Glitch Techs

I am a demisexual lesbian :D

I’m 14 as of now

My favorite holiday is Halloween

My favorite color is pink!

Favorite animal(s): Capybaras, Fruit Flies, Puffins, Goats, and Gerbils

Fandoms: TOH, Steven Universe, Project Sekai, Genshin Impact, Gravity Falls, SVTFOE, Vocaloid, The amazing world of gumball, glitch techs (i love glitch techs sm ifbfofnfjj, pokemon

Music: Egg, Afterxclass, Chloe Moriondo, Leanna Firestone, Liana Flores, Beach Bunny, Clairo, 80s music, Steven Universe soundtrack, Six the musical soundtrack, adventure time soundtrack

Food: Ceviche and Pho

Dessert: Key lime Pie or Cookies n Cream Ice cream

Snack: Dill Pickles, Dill Pickle Chips

Learning Japanese and just started learning ASL

I volunteer at a zoo as a camp counselor loll :)



Bday: 3/30

I don’t need tone tags but they are appreciated lollll

Dni: just don’t be a jerk pleas

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Ur Sign To Make Edible Kandi
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Kandi Bo***xx! :)
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Me In Miku Cos Holding Baby Kangaroo At A Comicon
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Kandi Paw :)
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My Dog Wearing A Kandi Necklace :D
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New X-base Cuff :D
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Pink Teddy Bear Cuff
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