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|| ♬♪ 0:55━━━━⬤─────── 3:18~~( Like Real People Do - Hozier )♬♪ || they're so unusually perfect... i love it || " cause when i'm with you it feels like falling in love for the last time. it'll always be you cause i know this is real love " || "i say the wrong sh!t at the right times. if i'm offending them, i don't mind. maybe they all should listen to me, it isn't all about what you see." || I LOVE DRAWING EMBER AND CHARLIE!!!

Friday May 12, 2023, 8:59 PM




Last online: 5-28-2023 5:38pm
  • Gender: trans (FTM) non-binary (he/they)
  • Laying Down In Sunflower Meadow
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✰ yooo! ✰

✰ my name is Lyric/Jasper ✰

✰ i have an AWESOME partner named, Quinn/Echo @Bug_Boy (I love them very very much) <3 <3 ✰

✰ my pronouns are he/they!! ✰

✰ i’m neurodivergent! if you have questions about it or if you even care just message me lol ✰

✰ i work at Human Bean as a barista! :>✰

✰ i tend to help a lot of people figure out their gender/sexuality/identity. i enjoy helping people in general so if you ever need help/advice.. i'm always here!! ✰

✰ my birthday & sign: April 7th, so I'm an Aries.. >:3 ✰

✰ i feel drawn to gemstones...~ ✰

✰ if you wanna talk on other social platforms: my discord: love1yric#4751 || i already linked my insta :p || i'm working on a tik tok acc for my art <3 ✰

✰ interests : SUNFLOWERSSS, video games, MUSIC (i make playlists 24/7), "queer studies", grunge and skater boy aesthetic, books, FOXES, etc✰ (check my rentry page!)

✰ fav music artists : Juice WRLD, Gorillaz, MGK, MCR, Chase Atlantic, $uicideboy$, girl in red, CORPSE, Clairo, Conan Gray, Lemon Demon, The kid LAROI, Arctic Monkeys, etc. (yes, ik i have a mixed music taste lol)✰

✰ fav shows/movies ( fav to least fav) : BREAKING BAD, SHAMELESS, Heartstopper, MHA, ANY MARVEL MOVIE, ANY Pirates of the Caribbean movies, TGH Series, The Breakfast Club, etc. ✰

✰ I hope you have a good day/afternoon!! ~ <3 ✰


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