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Welcome to my profile! My name's Max <33

Pfp art by me :D

Last updated: 12/2/2023 (mm/dd/yyyy)

Go to my rentry for more details (link in profile)

⚝Basic Info⚝

~They/he/it || Genderblur/Agender Boy || Aroaceflux omni-oriented || feel romance repulsed rn, not interested in dating

~ADHD || Autism || maybe Depression idk

~yeehaw im american :eagles:

~Refer to me as a monster rather than “boy”, “person”, etc. (but I do like masc labels like “brother”)

~14 years old || i started making kandi when i was like 11 or 12 idk || bday is oct 11 || Pretty sure I joined this site on 3/1/2023 (mm/dd/yyyy) (march 1, 2023)

~Libra || INTP || Atheist

~Alt acc(rarely online): @xBL00DandG0RR3x


~Special Interest: honestly idk if i have one anymore /lu

~Current Hyperfixation(s): murder drones(might be my spinterest idk tho), mlp:fim, decora fashion

~Hobbies: Drawing and digital art, kandi, cello, obsessing over my hyperfixations

~Music: indie rock, vocaloid, a bit of emo music

⚝Stuff related to my boundaries⚝

~See if you are on my DNI with this quiz(unless youd rather read it all):

~dni(simplified): basic dni criteria, anti-MOGAI, ableism, if you try to force your religion onto others, incestuous shippers, if you seriously ship real people together (its fine if ur joking, this is the only instance where that applies tho /srs), rcta, If you make fun of people for the fandoms they're in, if u start beef with ppl for no reason, if u purposefully dont respect other's boundaries, if u deadname/misgender ppl to spite them, if u refuse to use tone tags, @_o0GHOST0o_ /vsrs /vvneg

~If you're younger than 13 or older than 17 you can still interact with me, just not privately

~BYI: I can overshare sometimes, I am open about mental health stuff, im hypersexual if i make u uncomfy just tell me- im a major people pleaser, PLEASE try not to bring up religious topics with me it makes me uncomfortable and upset /srs

~Due to many instances of people making me uncomfortable in messages, I'm changing the settings on my account so that no one (except moderators) can message me. I will temporarily change that setting if i ever need to, but that's it. /srs

~Please use tone tags with me<333

~If i block you it is most likely for one of these reasons: 1) You overstepped my boundaries too many times 2) You’ve been rude and insensitive to either me or other people 3) I’ve heard about you being problematic or experienced you doing problematic things


me after a school year full of trauma: i'm a cool, .*-rebellious-*. -d-i-s-a-s-s-e-m-b-l-y-d-r-o-n-e- teen now B) /ref /silly

(couldn't use a strikethrough font so i used dashes instead XD)

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