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Forgot abt this site lmao

Thursday Jun 1, 2023, 2:44 PM




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I’m alex/mike/fritz :) I’m just a bisexual guy that has an obsession with kandi

I’m a Michael Afton fictionkin and CC fictionhearted !! (I think that’s how you word it?? Idk man I just found this out like a week ago so I’m kinda new..

My birthday is February 3rd

My favorite color is red and purple and I LOVE SILLY CATS :)))

I really love knitting, games, drawing, movies and shows, baking, crochet, editing, writing, coding, really just any creative hobby ^o^

Some of my interests are DSAF, TBHK, Japanese urban legends, Pac-Man, Sanrio, South Park, Yandere Simulator (I don’t support the creator), Baldi’s Basics, Stardew Valley, and many more :)

My special interest is FNaF :3

My favorite music artists are Lemon Demon, Tryhardninja and KidSnorlax

I’m really into learning new languages and am currently learning German :D

I love when people ask me questions about myself <33

I have ADHD, autism, and social anxiety :p

My disc is alex is here#2828

I’m always open to making new friends :D

Byeee! <3

Current hyperfixation: FNaF

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