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just gained a new hyperfixation :’)

Thursday Feb 2, 2023, 8:30 PM




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hi, u can call me wren or mars. im 13 years old and i really like homestuck! homestuck is my main interest at the moment, and dave strider is my all time favorite character. my other interests are south park, mlp, invader zim vocaloid, animal crossing, hfjone, yfm, undertale, deltarune, and im probably forgetting a couple of things but meehhhh who cares, please send me friend requests, i will accept em allllll but, dont friend me if you are over 20 years old because yeah

i dont mind if you send me messages, but i may not respond since i dont know what to say at times. and, i do need tone tags most of the time (such as /j, /srs, /gen, etc.) so be aware of that if ya do decide to

im a beginner kandi maker and i also enjoy making perler beads! i will probably mostly post perler bead designs on here, but maybe a couple kandi designs!

i really like scene stuff but i myself am not scene since idk how to do my hair and never got the stuff to dress scene. i absolutely adore scene stuffs tho, i also like emo things since i am emo myself!

(i dont update my bio very much so just so u know the last time i updated was feburary 2nd, 2023 aka 2/2/23)

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