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  • Gender: nonbinary (they/he/she)
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I´m in many fandoms and like to express my interests by making perler beads! :]

☆ hey! I´m k/saltz, I´m bisexual & nonbinary (they/he/she)!

☆ some of the fandoms i´m in: pmmm, hxh, cowboy bebop, yttd, nge, jjba, deltarune/undertale, dhmis, brba/bcs, LL/LLB, tally hall, lemon demon

☆ characters from said fandoms that i like in particular: leorio, kite, ed, faye, polnareff, narancia, doppio, F.F. , rouxls, spamton, K_K, papyrus, the dhmis trio, colin, saul, nacho, candyman, raptor

☆ some of my fav bands/artists: queen, depeche mode, billy joel, system of a down, will wood, oingo boingo, lemon demon, tally hall

☆i also draw and i sew my own plushies :)

!dni: basic dni criteria (proshippers, homophobes, transphobes (including xeno/neogender antis!!!), racists, ableists, anti-semites, etc..), dream smp fans!

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