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at school rn

Thursday Jun 8, 2023, 10:12 AM




Last online: 6-09-2023 6:19pm

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Hello! Call me Clyde/Colin/Moth!

fandoms im in: danganronpa, moomin, popee the performer, fnaf, the walten files, dhmis, welcome home, chezzkids archive, bugbo (is bugbo even a fandom lmao), and lacey games (once again is this even a fandom)

(dont do much with danganronpa anymore and dw im not one of those nagito/kokichi stans and i wont go batshit crazy if you ship something i dont like)

music i listen to: lemon demon, jazmin bean, melanie martinez, tally hall, penelope scott(dont rlly listen to penelope anymore), mom, joe hawley, hatsune miku, will wood, will wood and the tapeworms, grlwood, tv girl, sir chloe, miracle musical, goreshit, ayesha ero(im not gonna say her full name lmao) and they might be giants

hobbies: kandi, rainbow loom, art, and guitar playing

(totally didnt copy and paste this from my tumblr acc introduction)

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