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currently reading: Down To Earth(Webtoon) on ep 183 - Nevermore (webtoon) on ep 100 ~~~ i love dark chocolate smm ~~~ makin' a Down to Earth OC ~~~ ok Scaraboobs ~~~ "ur wife waters flowers..i wanna kill her" taYLOR WHAT- ~~~ rlly love The Tortured Poets Department jfuhkdfs ~~~ MY FCKING MIDDLE FINGER NAIL BROKE, IMMA RIOT ~~~ JJK is coming onto Netflixxx, i'll finally get to watch itttt :3 ~~~ i needa read both Nevermore & Down To Earth kjdfbfwd help ~~~ welp the mouse was dead, lol idk how it died, it wasnt injured on the outside at least ~~~ watching the Fandubbed playthru of Sally Face :3 ~~~ i feel like im being annoying lol

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use tonetags regularly with me pls! ~

matching pfps w/ @DisEaSeD_BunNY <333 aka my wife<333 ~

i wouldnt call myself a Swiftie, but i do like a decent amount of Taylor's songs!

*sighs* in case it wasnt clear, i dont come up w the things i sketch myself, i use references, those r what i draw. (unless its the Emotion Bats, those r mine) ~

im a Satanist(u dont know the beliefs of it, look 'em up) ~

i say im gonna kms as a joke sometimes ~

im so srs abt this: if u need some1 to talk to, i'm going to be hear to listen, whether or not u wanna talk on here or on pinterest(my acc is @EsmeRay_SouL. im open to giving my number, i just gotta trust u enough) just pls dont hold it in, talk to me or find some1 who u trust to talk to. ~

Im Esmeray!!!♡ They/Them/She/Her ~ Bisexual/Poly/Demiromantic/Demigirl ~ IM A MINOR!!! 15 y/o to be exact ~

fem compliments pls! ~

dONT- & i meant dONt- flirt w me unless ur Angel/Nico, i've known u for a while, &/or its PLATONIC ~

FAVE SONG(S) ATM: all the songs from Måneskin's album Rush! plus some other songs(& pretty much all Måneskin songs), I know by 6arelyhuman, WHAT YOU WANT! by asteria kets4eki & 6arelyhuman, Faster 'n Harder by 6arelyhuman, BFM by asteria, kets4eki, & Britney Manson, Derealization by Bambi Baker, Delusional by Bambi Baker, Daughter Slaughterer by Bambi Baker, Daughter Slaughterer II: The Afterlife by Bambi Baker, Too Sweet by Hozier ~

Married to Angel/Nico♡♡♡♡ ~ been w mi amor for 8 months ♡♡ they're so pretty, one of a kind, beautiful, & i just hHhshhfhVfY\(*⌒0⌒)♡ ~ im the moon to their sun ♡✹ ~ im the Poe to Angel's Ranpo, the Nikolai to Angel's Fyodor, the Dazai to their Chuuya, the Mitsuri to her Obanai, the Ozzie to their Fizz, the Uzi to its N & the Husk to his Angel, & the Charlie to their Vaggie♡♡ ~

NICKNAMES: (for ONLY Angel/Nico) - Sweetie, Bby/Bbg, Love, Moonlight, Pretty Girl (For anyone) Em, Emy, Es/Ez, Ray, Pookie(just ask for this one & DONT call me "pookie wookie" /srs), Dwarf, Satan(my dad calls me Satan lmao), Darling(for those who like calling ppl petnames bcuz thats just what they do lol), Devil, Demon Child ~

I LOVE hang down earrings ~ Demon Slayer (i will friend u if i see u like it :3 ). my favs r Mitsuri, Douma, Shinobu, Tengen(&is his wives), Kokushibo, Gyutaro, Sabito, Mui, Sanemi, Genya, & Inosuke. ~ Nevemore my beloved... ○| ̄|_ Lenore x Annabel ♡ i love Lenore & Duke the most, but like the entire group of "misfits" ~ another Webtoon i love is Down to Earth! my favs r Kade, Zadia, & Suzy. ( live laugh <Kade x Zadia3 ) ~ Hazbin Hotel>>>> ~ if u like any of the things listed, talk to me pls!! /nf ~

WATCHING...: Supernatural (s14, ep7 or 8) Moriarty The Patriot(s1 ep 5), Grey's Anatomy(s17 ep17) ~

MY INTERESTS: FNaF, The Owl House, Supernatural, Helluva Boss, Hazbin Hotel, Kandi, Perlers, Roleplaying, Sanrio/Hello Kitty & Friends, MLP, Gacha, Creepypasta, BATIM, BATDR, i love making OCs(for anything), True Crime, Demon Slayer, The Case Study of Vanitas, Chainsaw Man, Blue Exorcist, Banana Fish, My Happy Marriage, High Rise Invasion, Black Butler, Yuri!!! on Ice!, The Amazing Digital Circus, Murder Drones, Howl's Moving Castle, Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens, Dead Plate, Death Parade, Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun, SOS SMP (YES i like Hazbin & Helluva, NO i dont support Vivziepop) ~

HYPERFIXACTIONS♡: DEMON SLAYER, NEVERMORE, GENSHIN IMPACT, HSR, SALLY FACE, MARIOLORE, DOWN TO EARTH, Gacha, Five Nights at Freddy's, Chainsaw Man, The Case Study of Vanitas, Bungo Stray Dogs, Moriah Elizabeth, CLOWNS, Helluva Boss, Monster High, The Amazing Digital Circus, Murder Drones, Bibically accurate angels(pls theyre so cool/pretty), Dead Plate, Shiloh ~ (TALK TO ME ABT MY HYPERFIXACTIONS PLSSSSS) ~

BDAY/SIGN: June 21st which is Cancer ~

SOME KINS: Emily(HH), Charlie(HH), Husk(HH), Stolas(HB), Fizzarolli(HB), Millie(HB), Moxxie(HB), Nikolai(BSD), Dazai(BSD), Atsushi(BSD), Mitsuri(KNY), Genya(KNY), Douma(KNY), Kanao(KNY), Uzi(MD), Mitsuba(TBHK), Nene(TBHK), Luz Noceda(TOH), Hunter(TOH) (i'll add more when i can think of more)

if u wanna chat, message me! just a few rules; dont message me unless ur 13+ or -20(Crumpet & mods r fine). TRY TO AVOID THE TOPIC OF PEOPLE HAVING CANCER, ITS A VERY SENSITIVE TOPIC FOR ME. ~

fyi, i wont put a cw/tw for caps, if u dont like that, ignore my existence, block me, idc.



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