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"please don't be in love with someone else.." ~~~ i started watching a new anime, The Case Study of Vanitas, & i love it so far!:D ~~~ ive come to the conclusion that i like anime men w/ vests & chests ;v; ~~~ 16 days 'til my bday!!

Sunday Jun 4, 2023, 4:01 PM




  • Gender: Transgender NB (FTM), Endergender, Gemgender, Ghostgender (It/Its/They/Them/Xe/Xem/He/Him/Ender/Enderself/Pearl/Pearlself)
  • Rotting, Crying, And Ded, Hell
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(apologies for sm lol)

use tonetags regularly with me pls! if ur tone seems mad in the slightest w/o i'll think ur mad at me!!

matching w/ @ded_AxiEE <333

U just trying ur hardest is enough. Even if its not alot, even if it varies each day. Its enough, i promise. ~

u may not believe ur pretty but i need glasses to see, & even w/o them i can see clearly that ur fking beautiful. (similar words said to Axie) ~

u'll maybe see in some of my pictures that theres a white blanket w/ pink & purple polka dots on it, lol ignore it( ´-ω-) its been my blankie since i was 6 months old(*´・ω・) ~

Im Ֆ꒞♡††վ / ꪜ꠸᥊ꫀꪀ!!:D It/Its/They/Them/Xe/Xem/He/Him/Ender/ Enderself/Pearl/Pearlself/Thy/Thm/Ge/Gem/ Spooks/Spookself/Ve/Vir/Virs/Virselfs ~ Onmisexual/Asexual/Trans but still identify as NB ~ Im a trans NB but im also still a fem NB (i wont call myself a femboy since its a transphobic term used against trans women) ~ I AM A MINOR!!! ~

Married to my Beloved, Axie!!<3 ~ we've been together for over a year now!!! ~ we fall in love with 3 people in our life, the first is young love(young & dumb), second is us figuring out what love rlly is & what u hate & love abt it, the third is our true love. im on my third ~

MY INTERESTS: Scott Smajor, TommyInnit, Ranboo, Technoblade, Philza, Wilbur Soot, Aimsey, Shubble, MythicalSausage, LaurenZside, Joey Graceffa, ESMP, WSMP, AfterLifeSMP, NewLifeSMP, FNaF, The Owl House, BJ Alex, Liveta, Love So Pure, Love or Hate(BL in general lol. but before u bash me on this, maybe talk to me abt it & understand i read for the story, not those scenes.), Supernatural, Helluva Boss, Hazbin Hotel(i dont support vivziepop), Kandi, Perlers, (certain)Animes, Yuri!!! On Ice, MHA, Blue Excorist, Black Butler, Banana Fish, The Promised Neverland, (& many more), Roleplaying, Sanrio/Hello Kitty & Friends, Monster High, MLP, Gacha, Creepypasta, BATIM, BATDR, Beyblade Burst(2016-2022), i love making OCs(for anything), Heartstopper, Avatar movies & True Crime ~

HYPERFIXACTIONS: Beyblade Burst(2016-2023), Love So Pure, Gacha, Liveta, Love or Hate, Glowwave, Lovecore, Cryptidcore, Weirdcore, Making Kandi Singles, FNaF, FNaF books(Fazbear Frights), Mothman, & Ginny & Georgia, Monster High, Clowns, The Owl House, MHA/BNHA, Bungo Stray Dogs, Demon Slayer, The Case Study of Vanitas ~

AESTHETICS♡(i like): Weirdcore, Dreamcore, Traumacore, Liminal Space, Nostalgiacore, Poolcore, Sanriocore, Glitchcore, Creepycore, Cryptidcore, Clowncore, Kidcore, Arcadecore, Glowwave, Mushroomcore, Gloomcore, Old Web, Cloudcore, Dazecore, Anemoiacore, Holocore, Raver, Spacecore, Eyecore, Dreamy, & Lovecore ~

KIN LIST: Ejirou Kirishima, Dabi/Touya Todoroki, Fuyumi Todoroki, Stolas, Loona, Oh Chanwoo, c!Ranboo, c!Techno, c!Wilbur, Ciel, Alois, Scott(ESMP s1), Shu Kurenai, Victor Luna(Liveta), Ian(Liveta), Dazai(BSD), Atsushi(BSD), Akutagawa(BSD), Willow Park(TOH), Hunter(TOH), Shorter Wong(Banana Fish), (there's prolly more but rn i cannot think lol) ~

BDAY/SIGN(if u care): June 21st which is Cancer ~

FAVORITE THINGS: Fave food: Taco Pasta, Fave drink: Tea, Fave Snack(s): chips & salsa & chocolate, Fave color(s): Purple, Black, Red, Pink, Yellow, & Green, Fave Show(s): Bungo StrayDogs, Fave Film: The Outsiders & Bungo Stray Dogs; Dead Apple, Fave Book: Liveta (keep negative opinions to self.), Fave Hobby(ies): Painting & Reading (helps me get anger out & just to relax), Fave Animal(s): Cats(all except hairless), Axolotls , Sea Bunnies, Wolves, Birds, Snakes, Ferrets, Owls, Rats, Foxes, Huskies, German Shepherds, Australian Shepherds, Pitbulls, Frogs, Moths, & Deers(its already a lot so imma stop here lol), Fave Game(s): FNaF, BATIM, Minecraft, & Gacha ~

PHOBIAS: thalassophobia(fear of large bodies of water), acrophobia(fear of heights), trypanophobia(fear of needles), nyctophobia(fear of the dark), Athazagoraphobia(fear of forgetting someone & fear of being forgotten) ~

OTHER SOCIALS: Pinterest: cLowN_k1tTY_sCoTTy, Quotev: (screenname): The Lovely Scotty (username): lovelyscotty, Twitch: LoveLy_ScoTTy, Tiktok: sc0tts_missingl3ft_3y3 ~

if u wanna chat, message me! just a few rules; dont be a creep, dont flirt unless its a joke &/or platonic, & dont talk abt senstive/triggering things unless given permission to:) btw, u can vent just give a TW at the beginning of the message so ik what to expect(if needed). also: TRY TO AVOID THE TOPIC OF PEOPLE HAVING CANCER, ITS A VERY SENSITIVE TOPIC FOR ME. ~

pls note that i enjoy watching MHA/BNHA but i do not want to be considered in the fandom, i only like it for the storyline ~



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More Of Sisco
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Pink Pac-Man Ghost:>
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3d Cube Shaker Pt2
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Mini 3d Cube Pt2
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Mini 3d Cube Pt1
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3d Cube Shaker Pt1
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Kandi Heart
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Kandi Kitty!!!!!!
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Kitty Paw!!
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Mars Kandi Single
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AOT Single
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