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"mexicans frogs are cool >:DD"

Monday Aug 14, 2023, 7:01 AM




Last online: 9-28-2023 9:57am
  • Gender: transmasc (he/him (depends on who's fronting))
  • South Park, Colorado, United States
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Hello!!! >:D this is a little update lmao

My name is Anderson, but my nickname is Andie and it's the name I mostly go by. I identify as transmasc and i'm queer.

I am diagnosed with adhd and I have a bit of autism.

I love listening to alternative/indie/rock music!

I don't really want much TV, but I love for some reason reality tv shows on yt. I sometimes draw and I love to crochet. I play in a band at my school and I sometimes sing.

Use tong tags with me, if you want. I have trouble understanding tags sometimes, and I can get confused sometimes lol

I'm dating someone special to meee<33

well, that's it i guess?


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