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"heartbreak is one thing, my egos another. i beg you, dont embarass me motherfucker." - MOTHER IS MOTHERING MWAH MWAH - im the irl Maka frfr - happy gay months yall - whats sleep - 6 hr callll wmwkwm - SCENE QUEENS ALBUM??? ON MY KNEES ACKSMSJSK - i was around 80 ppl i hadn't ever met 2day:,)

Friday Jul 5, 2024, 11:23 PM




Last online: 7-14-2024 12:52pm
  • Gender: Demigirl (She/Her/They/Them)
  • Rotting In Level 974, Backrooms
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˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ Kaitlyn/Axie's bio⋆* ⁺⑅


im Kaitlyn/Axie & im a mess LMAO

btw im a Swiftie!! i wont talk abt her 24/7 & if you dont like her thats fine! every1 has their opinions & i wont bash you 4 em

nicknames: Raccon, Punk (only brothers dad), Killer (only brothers dad), Kitty Cat (only Gracie), babygirl (only Gracie & Jamie unless you ask), Mommy (only Gracie & Artiza, Daddy (only Artiza LAMO-), Kk, Chinese Lady, White Woman, Smurf, Dork, Pookie (only Nico & close friends), Dazai(only Crona), Hubby/Wifey (only Crona unless you ask-), Va-(smth i can say on here but only Crona), & K-Dawg >:]


Im a Omni with a pref 4 women & fem N-Bs, Quoiromantic, Demiromantic, Demigirl!

♡ taken by My Gem Jamie!<333 we have matching turtle rings, wax roses, & vlue flower hairclips! a colorguard d8ing a band member & weve been 2gether for 8 months without a.single arguement ♡

any flirting is fine as long as its /p , &/or you're a close friend of mine, &/or your my pookie wookie/wifey Nico<33 (inside joke lol)

i use a shizton of Gen-Z slang so b prepared LMAK

say im gonna kms rlly pften as a joke

pls use tonetags w/ me!! i take everything srsly & cabt tell when ppl are joking BOTH irl & online!

i can speak & read Chinese very fluently! im taking Chinese lll!

colorguard is my passion<333 (sports-wise)

how tf am i posed 2 Live, Laugh, Love in these conditions? smh

i LOVE Brandon Rogers & his characters! im currently watching Hall Monitor Helen. my fav Brandon Rogers character are Bryce Tankthrust, Bobby Worst, Elmer, Blame/Sebastian Hernandez, Sam, & Grandpa

short list of kins (cos theres 2 many-): Charlie (HH), Vaggie (HH), Lute (HH), Cherri Bomb (HH), N (MD), V (MD), Uzi (MD), Ragatha (TADC), Gangle (TADC), Dazai (BSD), Emma (TPN), Octavia (HB), Loona (HB), Millie (HB), Lucy (Elfen Lied), Ciel Phantomhive, Sigma (BSD), Verosika Mayday (HB), Larry Johnson (SF), Ashley Campbell (SF) Maka Albarn (SE), Blackstar (SE), & Patty (SE)

iykyk: July 9th, no its becky, April 29th, now theres 5 holes in the ence, 13, ill tell mine your gay, 123, LGB!!, "stop! she wasnt doing anything!", MOTHER IS MOTHERING, pathological people pleaser, & "im not asleep my mind is alive"

fav artists♡: Taylor Swift, BANSHEE, Poppy, Alice Glass, Baby Bugs, Scene Queen, Paramore, Pierce The Viel, MARINA, The Haunt, Jazmin Bean, Zheani, TX2, Elita, VIOLENT VIRA, Jack Stauber, Doja Cat, carolesdaughter, Lil Mariko, Elliot Lee, Lemon Demon, Bella Poarch, Teen Su1c1de, Cavetown, Melanie Martinez, girl in red, Maggie Lindemann, mxmtoon, Siiickbrain, The Plot In You, Rivals, Penelope Scott, Chapell Roan, & Sabrina Carpenter

fav song(s) atm: Linger by Poppy, Don't Ask by Poppy, Charm Bracelet by Jazmin Bean, You Wanted More by VIOLENT VIRA, You're Not Gone, You're Just Dead! by VIOLENT VIRA, I'll Save Myself This Time by VIOLENT VIRA,Vampire by Johnnie Gulibert, die for by Maggie Lindemann, Star Of The Desert by BANSHEE, Who's Afraid Of Little Old Me? by Taylor Swift, loml by Taylor Swift, So Highschool by Taylor Swift, The Prophecy by Taylor Swift, Cemetery Pigeons by Penelope Scott, 6 Seconds Left by TX2, Swing At Me by TX2, HOT TO GO by Chapell Roan, Please Please Please by Sabrina Carpenter, Wires by The Neighborhood, Robin by Taylor Swift, & Peter by Taylor Swift

Hyperfixations: Nostalgiacore, Bungou Stray Dogs, Liminal Spaces, Early 2000score, Flamingo/Albertsstuff, Early 2010score, Dead Malls, Poolrooms, Backrooms, The Hunger Games, Hazbin Hotel, Sanrio, The Amazing Digital Circus, The Darly Boxman Show, Murder Drones, Kawaiicore, 2010s Internet, Helluva Boss, Hunter X Hunter, Sonic Team Racing (game), Sonic X, Skinwalkers, Mallsoft, Sally Face, & Soul Eater!

My Style: Mix of 2020 Alt/Bunny Hat Kids (fashion-wise) E-Girl, Pastelcore, Indie Kid, & Kawaiicore

my secret 2 my skin is tesrs from the ppl who dont like me hehe<33

Aesthetics<3: Dreamcore, Weirdcore, Liminal Spaces, Nostalgiacore, Poolcore, Mallsoft, Traumacore, Early 2000score, Kidcore, Sanriocore, Kuromicore, Gloomcore, Dazecore, Early 2010score, Rollerskatecore, Unliminal Spaces, Arcadecore, Anemoiacore, Glowwave, Dreamy, & Medcore

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Gummy Bear Single<33
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Kandi Star Glove:D
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Giant Kandi Star<33
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Non-Binary Kandi Worm<333
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Kandi Single I Made Last ***ht W/ My Friend:D
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Cinnamaroll Multi Stitch Cuff<3
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Kandi Im Wearing Today:]
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Kandi Starball Necklace!
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Cat Mini Rotator
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Technoblade Multi-Stitch Cuff
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