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Thursday Mar 2, 2023, 6:51 PM




Last online: 3-30-2023 11:04pm
  • Gender: Demigender (They/Them)
  • My Closet, TN, United States
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♬♪♫ Heyo! Im Asher! I also go by Noah and Sometimes Oliver!

♬♪♫ I´m 13!! (10/6)

♬♪♫ Please Use tone tags around me!

♬♪♫ My Pronouns Are They/Them (It/Íts and Xe/Xem are fine aswell)

♬♪♫ I´m Aroace, Queerplatonic, Demigender, and Omni!

♬♪♫ I make Kandi/Perlers!

♬♪♫ Ive been making Kandi for a year (Tho I still consider myself a beginner) and Perlers for 5 months.

♬♪♫ Some of my Hyperfiaxtions are: Helluva Boss( I don't support vivziepop),Epithet Erased, Amphibia,The Owl house,Murder Drones and Omori!

♬♪♫ Feel free to Friend request/Meassage me!!

♬♪♫ I have diagnosed ADD!!


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