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spamton g spamton is the richest person on earth! with a net worth of 4 kromer!

Thursday Jun 16, 2022, 3:57 PM




Last online: 9-10-2022 3:47pm
  • Gender: trans (he/they/it/spark)
  • Meomeomeowmeow, (EST)
  • Profile Views: 491

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hi !!! im stella!!


im abrosexual, polyamory, and a demiboy (i think !!)


i type rlly fast so pls excuse my many many typos. if what i say is just unreadable pls tell me and ill fix it


hyperfixating on: pj sekai (en server player)

other interests: deltarune, fnaf, crk, gravity falls, the owl house, amphibia, and undertale


dni: basic criteria, tone tag antis, and dnf shippers, danganronpa is on thin ice

i dont support devsis or colourfulpalette

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