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Friday Jun 3, 2022, 12:17 PM




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hieee :)

friend request me if u want to, i only bite a little!!!

15 yr old in the 10th grade :33 i luv to make kandi while i watch anime cuzzz i can not pay attention to one thing at a time! >w<

idk anything!! about touhou.. i just <3 the characterszszsz

i type the way my brain wantz me to type!! :33

i use my favouritez tab as a "I WILL MAKE!!" tab!! or like a wishlist :3 (that means if i remove something i made it!!!)

i luv horror rpgmaker games :3 ik itz a little weirdly specific but NORMAL horror games arent COOL enough!!!! (rpgmaker gamez r cuter :3 hehe) (its not that i cant handle anything that isnt cute i think its SCARIER!! >:3)

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