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i will bite someone >:)

Thursday Jan 19, 2023, 9:05 AM




Last online: 1-27-2023 3:35pm

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Hello! My name is glitchy, ghost, or kitty! any of those names r fine

(Pronouns, info about me!): He/him/they/them/void/voidpunk, 13, pansexual, trans-FTM, I want to be a freelance artist or writer when older, an artist from 2019, Found out that im therian & otherkin :D {Catkin & foxkin}

(Interests!): Art, writing, drawing, sketching, coding, kandi, music, Collecting things, toys, making music, arts in crafts, making videos, editing, crowcore, goblincore, weirdcore, oddcore, dreamcore, vampirecore, scene, kidcore, decora, filmmaking, basketball, D&D, greek mythology, reading, and internet culture!

(Fandoms!): Warrior cats, Minecraft (Hermiet craft, dream smp (only for the lore) and rat smp), Percy Jackson. NITW, fnaf, MLP, Lps, furbys, Invader zim, omori and more that I can't think of-

(Hyperfixations!):Invarder Zim & Omori

(DNI: basic dni, boyfriend supporters (the webcomic), no one over 20 & and no nasty stuff

Freinding me!, Send me a message please!!, you don't need to use tone tags unless you want to, and no need to translate for typing quirks :)

The time I'm on: 9:00 am - 3;00pm (Mostly I'm on Monday through Fridays)

This will change over time!! ill add more and more until its complete again bc it just randomly deleted :P

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All The Perlers I Made Today!!
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All My Kandi Part 1
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First Ever Perlers!!
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Mushroom Cuff ^^
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