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"the ocean is technically a soup" - the only sense of religion i have

Tuesday May 10, 2022, 7:20 AM




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lmao ill make a profile later <3


DNI!! :

(yada, yada ,homophobes, transphobes, terfs, superstraights , racists, etc)

anybody i know irl (if you even find this)

fans of: dsmp, jellybean /srs ( dont care if its annoying but the fandom makes me uncomfy (doesnt include just minecraft fans in general)

people who state rude and blindsided opinions and then say ¨again no offence to anyone just posting my opinions lol¨

anyone 18+!! (im a minor and it makes me uncomfy but if you just have a question about a pattern or smthn i dont mind you asking)

anti-xenogenders , anti-neopronouns, any fake sexaulty (ie, animesexual, dreamsexual etc)


friend me!! literally can talk about anything for hours im just lonely <3


my red flags <3

*way too clingy

*uses way too many emojis

*bunch of typing quirks

*really dark humor (ex: masochistic jokes, death jokes )

*never been in a relationship

*VERY stubborn

*lying is second nature and i cant help it irl

*religious jokes about world ending and praising satan or furbies

*furby fan


interests: danganronpa 2!, goatlings!!! , (obv kandi & perler beads), gacha club, demon slayer , my hero acadamia (if ur a toxic shipper go away), sucker for love, kindergarten (the game) , furries (specificially: dinomasks, & furbysonas), sodikken (my favorite artist currently, fight me abt it) & more

hyperfixations: TOH, and furbies !!! >v<

styles i like: weirdcore, gremlincore, kidcore, and clowncore are mainly what i like

hobbies: watching anime (taking reccomendations!!) , reading webtoons, traditional & digital art, collecting rocks & bucket hats, making ocs, and going down weird youtube/google rabbit holes for new hyperfixations

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