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im // f; tabbi

Friday May 20, 2022, 6:15 AM




Last online: 5-20-2022 12:02pm
  • Gender: i hoard genders!!!!!!!!! (https://pronouny.xyz/u/prettypuppypaws)
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BYF: i say thank you n sorry a lot !! if it gets annoying im sorry ,, i also use tone indicators

i love making kandi!! i'm also very new to this so !!!

system!!!! so sometimes someone else will be on (they will sign their name). we also use i/us/me/we/etc pronouns so if you are confused thats why

autistic ! also i talk too much :(

i don't have any social media but i have this and crk!!!

special intrests!

sharks or cartilaginous fish, dinosaurs, dogs, frogs, true crime, horror, sanrio dogs, kids shows (like bluey!!), LPS!!, cookie run !!, beanie babies and other older toys

crk code id thing: GGWMJ6203

current projects i'm doing!

i am revamping an old doll i had !! (not even close to finished)

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Pompom Chalk Art
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Epic Swag X3
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The Fit For Today!!!!
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