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"Not every story has to have significance, you try to read into every little thing and find meaning in what anyone says, you'll just drive yourself crazy. You'll likely believing something you shouldn't believe and thinking something you shouldn't think, or assuming something you shouldn't assume. " -Mr. Hippo (quote not an alter)

Monday May 9, 2022, 10:47 AM




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Flint/Lennon: I'm mainly the one on here- They/He Nonbinary Lesbian. Agere & Puppy Regressor

carrd: xxzombiegutzxx

pronouns.page: @flint-lennon

I am part of a system (OSDD1B) but- like- this is my page specifically :)

I love snails, dinos, dragons, drawing, musicals (SWEENEY TODD <3), tea, divination, and piano!!

Fun Fact: The average garden snail has around 14,000 teeth!

Just an (UN)friendly reminder, fictives are not the characters. i mean yeah we source from them but we're ppl too so dont be like "oH mY gOd KoKiChI uR mY fAvOrItE cHaRaCtEr wooooooo" that's annoying n makes u look dumb =3= (- the handsome and talented kokichi)

To add onto this- I (unfortunately) dont have the powers I had in the canon of my source. So don't ask. Simpleton. -Bill

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