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I was captaincutlersghost! you can still find my TikTok under that user :)

Tuesday Jun 28, 2022, 5:38 PM




Last online: 8-01-2022 2:58am
  • Gender: non-binary - genderfloren (mirror pronouns)
  • ACT, Australia
  • Profile Views: 483

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I'm Sofia!

- any pronouns but prefer they/them, non binary and bi

- I'm autistic and I have OCD

- I've been making kandi since around October 2021

- i have a cat (whom I love very much <33333) and a dog

- I'm Australian, so AES timezone

- i LOVE scooby doo

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PLUR Perler Necklace!
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Big Rotator Cuff!
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