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consuming the souls of the unborn

Saturday Aug 13, 2022, 1:52 AM




Last online: 11-03-2022 3:33pm
  • Gender: æügh (it/fluff/void/pop/rawr/they)
  • Hell, Depressed, Roads Take Me Home
  • http://amogusballs.com
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Hi! I'm Neo or Lynx, here's some stuff about me :P

favorite color(s): green, black, and purple, in that order.

favorite band: mcr or weezer, for now.

hobbies: gardening, video games, cooking, worldbuilding, drawing, writing, kandi, and hanging out with my cats!

favorite animal(s), rats, frogs, snakes, and cats, in that order :)

other interests: cryptozoology, clowns, evolution, historical mysteries, makeup, painting, large-scale crafts, and jewelry making.

identities/pride flags: abrosexual, transgender, and demiboy!

DNI: dsmp SUPPORTERS (fans of the content who don't support the creators are fine!), basic dni content, neopronoun antis, furry antis, cringe culture upholders.

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