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im cringe

Wednesday Jul 20, 2022, 3:45 PM




Last online: 7-20-2022 3:34pm

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hello! the name's fern. my second time around here. >.< more about me can be seen below!

i am a female (she/they), age of 13 :D (plus im bi if that matters). please note that i am a little so sometimes i might act or type a bit different, that is just me regressing and interacting here!! i really like empires smp, hermitcraft, kandi, ldshadowlady, roblox, kpop, and lots of other things!! please ask to dm, and please dont vent to me. my page is a safe space for anyone, lgbtq, littles, furries, and everyone else in all those lovely communities :D

add my discord - cosmiic#2222


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