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my moxxie and millie pattern did not come out as planned once I actually beaded it out. Does anyone have any Helluva Boss patterns or could make one?

Monday Apr 4, 2022, 5:05 PM




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Just recently got back into creative stuff after years of being a boring adult. My son reminded me that perler beads are a thing and I've found them very therapeutic.

I'm disabled and don't get out a lot but when I do I love going to shows. When I'm not doing this at home I'm usually at a venue nearby. I like most music, favorites being punk, hardcore, thrash, nu-metal, and shoegaze.

I am interested in other crafting and experimenting with different mediums. I used to paint a lot.

My favorite food is buffalo wings.

The story behind my username is I used to have lots of rats as pets. I adored them and customized their cages in really experimental ways. I have moved since and have to work on spacing issues to own them again, but they're my favorite animal.

I like making friends, please only add if you're 18+

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