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I am a butterfly who rides everywhere on my pet panda's back. His name is George. I am going into eighth grade. My name is Lily(e) but my friends call me the evil master mind who created purple. Or they call me they're bffwsm (best female friend with a soul of a man.) I am a tomboy and my favorite color is blue. I have a strange obsession with purple elephants (I am they're queen) or just the color purple. Butter is not healthy. It has flies, and eats flowers brains. Wattpad is a lightbulb that can write. My pet tree's name is fuchsia and she likes to ride her bike over chicken eggs. Some how that was all off the to of my head. Green is a pretty color also. Iay onknay owhay otay eakspay igpay attinLay. There are six people in my class, and they are all girls. I am weird. I hope to post a story soon. Till' then, your EVIL peacock, Lilye

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