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Hello lgbt community. Uhhh I don’t log on often

Friday Apr 29, 2022, 9:54 AM




Last online: 6-05-2022 2:55pm
  • Gender: Boyflux/zenogender!! (He/it/they/ze(zim)/honk/thing/pup/mew/sea)
  • No, NC (yeeehaw), United States
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I’m gay transmasc xenoboy * flexing emoji*

Im a kinda new kandi kid (2years or something like that) B^)

I don’t log on often ,,,, so uhh if you send a message I might not see it !!!

My hyperfixations r homestuck (sadly),mlp, INANE CLONE POSE(insane clown pose <3), cool deep sea fish, creepypastas and KANDI >:o)

I have a slight typing querk,, I use 2 instead of too/to/two and 4 instead of for….. sometimes! I add a lot of “,,,,” or “….” Because uh um yeah!I add “uhhh” and “ummm” because it make me think and stuff I also can’t spell Bo )

I use zenogender and neopronouns so if you don’t like them (that’s not very plur of you) and uhh dni *thumbs up emoji *

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