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i just joined but i've been making kandi 4 awhile

Friday Mar 18, 2022, 8:50 PM




Last online: 8-22-2022 11:31am
  • Gender: female (she/her)
  • Iowa, USA
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I am in 8th grade... and i love anything to do with being active or sports, im pansexual (and somehow still single) and i get along with just about anyone. i make kandi and jewelry (especially with crystals!!!) and i'm into astrology zodaics. i have 2 cats and really want another... but my parents wont let me :/ anyway... i'll gladly be open to meeting new ppl on here and i'm interested to share some of my passion!!! -shea ann <3

basic info~

gender - female (atm)

sexuality - pan

zodiac - aries

favorite animal - camel

favorite color - purple

height - 5'10"

uhh i can't think of anything else...


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