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Last online: 5-06-2022 5:59am
  • Gender: genderfae (she/they)
  • Ur Mums House <3
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★ hii i'm rhys! messages open, feel free to vent or just talk, im on an unhealthy amount so ill prolly reply p quick (⌒▽⌒)/

★i like perler, kandi, possums X3, supernatural, the owl house, sk8 the infinity, gravity falls, beastars, bungou stray dogs, kakegurui, junji ito

★ im 14 and neurodivergent (adhd) u can use tone tags if u want, they do help, but arent necessary 4 me :>

★some music artists i like r Feelrs, The Regrettes, Cavetown, mxmtoon, clairo, Smoothboi Ezra, Palaye Royale, Falling In Reverse, Ice Nine Kills and Hollywood Undead

★ dni: homophobic, islamaphobic, racist, transphobic, terf, truscum, ableist, etc etc

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