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*seagull noises intensify*

Friday Apr 29, 2022, 1:48 PM




Last online: 6-26-2022 8:36am

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!!!not very active over here anymore!!! If u want to get in touch w/ me I'm much more active on my sketchers united (link in carrd but it's the same username as over here)

Hiya :3 my name is K4V1TY (cavity) or DuckDuck! I make kandi, perlers and cross stitch patches :] as well as art

Plz ask me about my rat he's an old man and very cute. My interests r: Rats!, clowns and clowncore, args, weirdcore (+ other similar fashions/asthetics), decora, scene, punk, Kermit, mushrooms and fungi, stardew valley, Minecraft, popples and pony town!!! I'd put what music genres I'm interested in here as well but my tastes range so it depends X3 alternative rock, pop punk, emo, glitchcore, speedcore, and other genres that that fill my brain with funky noise r always fun + a bit of still woozy and crumb r always nice

I have anxiety which makes it hard for me to talk or just go quiet and that sometimes affects my typing <]:3 + it's possible I have adhd/autism (not 100% sure yet and I don't know when I'll b able 2 b assessed)

my pronouns sometimes fluctuate on what's preferred but they/xe/it is pretty much always good

More about my pronounz >>----> https://en.pronouns.page/@K4V1TY_

[Pfp by me :3]

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It Craves The Meat
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Strawberry Shortcake!!!
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Roblox Art Dump!!!
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Art Dump!!!
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Metal Eating Utensil
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