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i dont want to change WHO I AM just to make kandi. maybe i dont want to go to raves, and maybe i dont have anyone to make tradables with, but i completely respect rave kandi trading, and i would never EVER sell my kandi. i make it for friends, but i dont expect anything back

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Hey there.... I'M JULIE! im an artist, i play music, i wirte songs and IM ALWAYS LOOKIN FOR NEW FRIEDNS. Expression is my life. Ive been making kandi for 2 months now, and i dont rave, cause im only 12, and i have parents. but i do know how to shuffle , and i love dubstep/rave/ music. im more into punk, dance, and rock, but , how can u not love rave Something u should know is that i love it when people friend me. as u can see i have like no friends. CHANGE THAT, BITCH! i love everyone and im actually really cool so hit me up and help me with kandi ( im a n00b) XD always remember, getting high on pickle juice hurts. BYE

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My Chemical Romance Cuff
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Penguin Cuff
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Shoop Da Whoop Peyote
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Hello Kitty Deadmau5
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