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"Even if you can't make the pancake you can still be the pancake. The pancake is inside of you." - Gerard Way

Saturday Oct 1, 2022, 7:21 PM




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☆ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/re3c6ajmkkxrk9an9id7...

☆ Preferred name is Izuku or Dusty! My pronouns are here: https://pronouny.xyz/u/bunnyboydeku

☆ Bxyflux (transmasc, agender, gendervoid, rosboy, and boyfluff) along with a bunch of xenogenders, as well as polyromantic bisexual and a few otherkin!! My xenogenders are in my carrd (which is still a wip)

☆ I love bunnies, drawing, singing, anime, kandi, mushrooms, mcr, and anything Japanese!! Currently trying to learn Japanese and ASL ^^

☆ Tone tags aren't always needed but are appreciated

☆ Fixations/hyperfixations are bnha, bakudeku, sanrio, and danger days era Gerard Way. I very strongly kin Izuku and Kacchan is my 'bf' so watch out for that ig

☆ DNI: transphobic, anti-MOGAI, homophobic, racist, toxic people in general, pro-life, Trump supporter, etc.

☆ If you're over 17, do not add me unless you're a kandipatterns mod/admin. Please understand that it makes me really uncomfortable

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