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Hi, I’m Eridian.

My profile picture is my pet cat, her name is Baby cause I got her when she was a kitten but now that says older (she’s 5) I also call her Cat.

(Pronounced like Meridian with Air instead of Mer)

Feel free to talk to me, I’m a bit awkward so it may take me a long time to reply.

Ever feel short? I’m 4’9

fun fact:

Cats have whiskers on the back of their front legs

If it used to say I had you blocked, sorry. I let my little cousin on my computer sometimes and she blocks people randomly. I go through it and fix everything after she’s done

Since I’ve gotten the question before, no my name was not inspired by anything. I got it from an androgynous name generator, which actually may be worse than it being from like a game or something.

My favorite music artists are Kikuo(though I do not support his NFT thing), MOTHY/Akuno, Super NH (even though I’m still a bit sad they unfollowed me on insta lol, it ain’t my fault I didn’t reply to “SLAY KSJSKSJSKS” In my defense, i forgot) Groundbreaking, and Danny Gonzalez.

If you aren’t easily disgusted or currently eating, watch dgjiqmeqnest on tiktok

dni if you call others posers, deadname people you don’t like, Talk Like This Constantly, are anti people being Transmed/truscum, say beluga when you see the polite cat, proship(it’s just weird), interact with people in your DNI, and/or call others snowflake as an insult.

byf: I’m dyslexic and cannot read most typing quirks due to it, I also use the word cringe like a lot but not in a rude way more like calling my friends a nerd kinda way

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