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Once I make my bmo bag I'm gonna be more swaggy than everyone else B)

Wednesday Jul 20, 2022, 8:35 AM




Last online: 8-15-2022 6:47am
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Hello Love!! ☆ My name is Himari or my Irl name if I know you personally :]

I love singing, drawing, hanging out with my friends/family, sanrio, and of course, Kandi!! Oh and rainbow loom if anyone still does it :]

Fandoms I'm in ------> Project sekai, vocaloid, walten files, demon slayer, genshin (not as much), backrooms, Stranger things, Sonic boom (or sonic in general) and other things I can't think of lolol-

Fav characters ------> Kamishiro Rui, Luka megurine, Gumi, Rengoku, Tuxedo sam, Shadow the headgehog, Knuckles the echidna, oh and eddie munson B)

Thats all really, friend me if you want to chat or just be friends here !! ☆

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